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Professional services from your local flooring store -  Signature Flooring & Interiors in Troy, IL

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Design consultation services from your local flooring store - Signature  Flooring & Interiors in Troy, IL

Design Consultation

Do you know how you want your space to look and feel, but you’re not sure how to make it happen? Or, are you curious about whether there are possibilities you haven’t thought of? Let our design consultants talk you through the layout, measurements, and colors that will best bring together your intention for your space.

Designers are well-versed in current trends and will help you create an enduring and impressive aesthetic.

Our designers take into account your budget, the function of the space, the desired appearance, and any existing furnishings you might need to integrate. With a professional knowledge of available materials, they will be able to guide you to a flooring choice that will complement your space.

In home flooring estimates in Troy, IL

In-Home Estimates

Let us take the guesswork out of your project. Perhaps you know that you need new flooring, but not the details of what and how much. We will come to your home, measure the space, and provide an outline of the estimated cost.

Taking accurate measurements is important and requires a professional eye. A visit from one of our experts will ensure that all considerations are taken into account, so that you can feel confident in your estimate.

Room visualizer from Signature Flooring & Interiors in Troy, IL

Room Visualizer

Roomvo and its cutting-edge technology help to eliminate the guesswork commonly associated with purchasing new flooring. Whether you’re interested in carpet, hardwood, luxury vinyl, tile, laminate, or even an area rug, Roomvo will allow you to see whatever product you want in whatever room you want it in with just a few simple clicks. Shop more confidently with Roomvo.

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Flooring installation services in Troy, IL

Professional Installation

Signature Flooring and Interiors is committed to having a highly qualified installation team experienced with the installation requirements for every type of product for both home and commercial flooring installations. Your flooring remodeling expectations, budget, and design goals are really important to us, so we do everything possible to meet your goals, complete the installation to perfection, while staying within your budget. In the end, we want very satisfied customers who will be pleased to give us their highest recommendation.

We take all the specifications of your space into account when deciding how much flooring you will need and how the installation should proceed. After all, there is nothing more frustrating than spending countless hours deciding on the details of a space, only to end up with an imperfect installation or rough finishing. Our installers at Signature Flooring & Interiors are experts who do it right the first time.

We seek perfection in even the smallest details, leaving you with flooring that looks professional and expertly executed. Call or visit us soon to get started on your next floor covering project.

Commercial floors from Signature Flooring & Interiors in Troy, IL

Commercial Flooring

New flooring can cast your space in an entirely different light, effectively transforming the look of your building and all of its furnishings. At Signature Flooring & Interiors, our experts understand that different industries have different needs.

With clever flooring choices, we can help you create modern corporate offices, healthcare spaces that can accommodate heavy equipment and sterile conditions, hotels that exude luxury, retail spaces with character, or restaurants that set trends.

When assessing flooring possibilities, we look at factors such as foot traffic, the amount of time a person will be spending in a space, and what personality the space intends to express. We appreciate that a viewer’s initial impression of a space is key to your brand.

Countertops from Signature Flooring & Interiors in Troy, IL


We are the go-to experts for all your countertop needs in this area. We handle remodeling, new construction, and commercial projects. We know it can be overwhelming, but we will guide you to your dream kitchen, bathroom, or other custom project. Not only should your custom countertops be beautiful, but they must also be functional. That's where our decades of knowledge can help you choose just the right top for your design. 

Choose from countertop options such as laminate, granite, quartz and solid surface in a variety of colors, styles and finishes to match any space. Signature Flooring & Interiors - your experts in new construction, commercial, and remodeling projects.

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Mattresses from Signature Flooring & Interiors


We have been in the Mattresses business for years. That’s what we love, that’s what we do, and that’s what we know. So if you want to get your money’s worth, come shop with us and expect nothing less than expert advice and service.

We are locally owned and operated and have been in the Mattresses business for years. It’s our business to know everything about the most popular and reliable manufacturers around. We have long standing relationships with the biggest manufacturers and know all of our products inside and out. The result? You get exceptional service for the life of your Mattresses.

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Rug Binding from Signature Flooring & Interiors in Troy, IL

Rug Binding

You found that perfect hard surface style you absolutely love and now you realize you need to add a rug. Or you just need a small rug for your kitchen, bathroom or dining room. With us, your options are nearly limitless and our rug binding service could be the way to accomplish your vision.

Come in today and browse through our hundreds of carpet styles. We can help you find that ideal carpet that would make a perfect rug. Then we can make almost any size rug out of it. We offer many binding and serging options.

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