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Finding The Easiest Carpet To Clean And Maintain

Despite the many benefits of carpet – comfort, insulation and noise reduction – it often loses to hard surface flooring for one obvious reason: ease of staining. Traditionally, carpet has been easy to stain and difficult to clean.

However, recent innovations are changing this. Here, we’ll take a quick look at the top features and considerations for carpet that’s easy to clean and maintain for the long run.


There’s a reason nylon is the most popular carpet material. It’s naturally more durable and stain resistant than any other carpet fabric. On its own, nylon has traditionally been the easiest to clean. However, it also benefits from the newer innovations we’ll discuss below.

Waterproof Backing

One of the most tedious aspects of cleaning carpet has always been drying its backing. Traditionally, this meant applying pressure with a towel, switching it out several times along the way. Otherwise, spills could soak through to the subfloor, where they could promote mold growth.

Now, some of our highest-performing lines of carpet include backing that is completely waterproof. This means that spills remain above the surface, where they can be wiped away with ease. The industry leading LifeGuard® Waterproof Backing is included with every carpet line in our Performance Destination.

Stain Protection

What about the fibers themselves? Industry leaders are now applying innovative treatments during manufacturing designed to resist stains and moisture. For example, the R2X treatment common with Anso Nylon carpet repels stains from each individual fiber. And STAINMASTER® Pet Protect™ technology works so well that it’s actually rated to withstand the worst accidents pets have to offer.

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