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A Quick Look at how Modern Carpet Flooring Rivals Hard Surface

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We often choose hard surface flooring to overcome the paint points of maintaining carpet. Traditionally, carpet is seen as easy to stain, difficult to clean, and a breeding ground for bacteria.

However, some newer carpet selections are designed to overcome these challenges – while still maintaining the unique benefits of carpet (such as more comfort and lower energy bills). Here, we’ll discuss how modern carpet is rivaling hard surface flooring.

Repelling Stains

One of the most common pain points of carpet is its uncanny ability to get stained. Unfortunately, many carpet manufacturers have claimed stain resistance over the years, only to disappoint. Over time, this has stained the industry’s reputation.

Fortunately, some mills really are designing carpet that’s engineered to repel (rather than simply “resist”) stains. These carpet fibers are built with a treatment like R2X that completely surrounds each fiber. These treatments create a barrier that prevents absorption. So, spills remain on the surface, where they can be wiped away with ease.

Waterproof Backing

Hard surface floors have also offered better water resistance than traditional carpet. In fact, traditional carpet allowed spills to seep into the subfloor, where they could promote mold and mildew growth. Even worse, there was no way to deal with the problem without pulling the carpet up.

New carpet floors with waterproof backing are changing this. The innovative LifeGuard® Spill-Proof Backing blocks spills and moisture from seeping through carpet. And even with the additional protection, it installs just as easily as any other carpet floor.

Antimicrobial Carpet

Carpet is often regarded as a breeding ground for bacteria. Microban carpet is changing this. It features the industry-leading Microban disinfectant built into each fiber. It provides 24/7 protection against the growth of bacteria, mold, and mildew.

Enhanced Durability

A variety of carpet mills have enhanced the engineering methods of their carpet floors to provide exceptional durability for even the most active families. This includes the way the fibers are manufactured, woven, and tied. It also includes post-production treatments (such as Anso nylon) that help improve their performance even more.

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Every family is different. Carpet has come a long way, but it may or may not be the best choice for your home. If you’re ready to make an informed decision, visit Sun City West’s leading flooring experts at Signature Flooring & Interiors today!